The SpeedyMark price gun has a label applicator used for pricing, coding, date/time and inventory control. The price gun comes in a variety of layouts for pricing and labeling. The single-, two- and three-line price gun offers label colors including red, orange, green, white, pink, yellow and ivory. Ink colors include maroon, dark green, brown, red, black and dark blue. Load adhesive and non-adhesive labels into the SpeedyMark price gun.

Step 1.

Pull the label holder arm towards you and then upwards to open it. Locate the label spindle, place the new roll on the spindle and close the label holder arm.

Step 2.

Pinch the plastic tab on the bottom of the price gun gently, lift the cover away from the marker and pull down the base until it stops, to open the bottom cover.

Step 3.

Position the labels between the upper part of the print base and the sprocket. Create a slight crease along the length of the labels and feed 10 to 12 labels in through the throat of the device.

Step 4.

Turn the marker so the print head is facing towards you and slide the labels through the print base slot.

Step 5.

Place the label stock over the print base and line up the sprocket spindles with the holes in the label stock. The label will automatically feed into the operating lever.

Step 6.

Squeeze the plastic lock device to close the bottom cover. Squeeze the operating lever and dispense the labels.