How to Address a FedEx Envelope

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There are three ways you can address a FedEx envelope: by affixing your own printed address label, by having a FedEx employee label your information professionally or by filling out a FedEx Airbill form. Any of these methods are acceptable for delivery by FedEx and will get your envelope to your destination on time.

Print the address out at home and affix to the envelope. You can use either a template available online at FedEx or by printing your own label. With this method, FedEx will type down your listed address upon receipt and input it in their system. They will then print out the address along with the tracking number and bar code and fix it to the back side of the envelope.

Speak with a FedEx employee. If you are shipping the envelope in person you can simply tell the FedEx employee where the parcel is going and they will address and print a label for you along with the tracking number and bar code. This way you can see and ensure that the address was input correctly and will arrive at its destination on time.

Fill out an airbill form. This form can be picked up along with your FedEx envelope, and it allows a FedEx employee to affix the form onto your envelope. There is also a tracking number included on the form. This is an efficient way to send an envelope through FedEx.


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