You have an excellent idea for a new non-profit or community-related campaign. To be successful, your campaign idea needs sponsors who will enthusiastically get behind your campaign. Organizations that identify with your campaign are ideal candidates. For example, if your campaign is about curing cancer, local health organizations and hospitals are ideal sponsors. If it is a community sports event, then local sports supplies stores are ideal candidates.

Step 1.

Make a written campaign summary. You may have a pretty good idea of what your campaign is all about in your head but until it's actually written out, you might have a difficult time finding the right sponsor. Your campaign plan should also have a campaign budget so you know how much you'll need before approaching potential sponsors.

Step 2.

Search for other similar campaigns. Since you now have a pretty good idea of what your campaign is all about, you can do some research on other similar campaigns to find out what companies and organizations have sponsored them. Usually organizations will sponsor campaigns with which they share an interest.

Step 3.

Make a list of potential sponsors. When you're thinking about who might be interested in sponsoring your campaign, ask yourself some simple questions about how the sponsors could benefit from their involvement in your campaign. Once you have a substantial list of potential sponsors, go through and circle the top 10 potential sponsors.

Step 4.

Write a letter to each of your top 10 potential sponsors asking them to sponsor your campaign. Explain to them what you believe are the benefits that they would gain from sponsorship and be sure to clearly state your expectations. Make sure that your letters are sent to someone in the organization that is able to make a decision regarding the campaign.

Step 5.

Follow up your letters or emails with a phone call a couple of days afterward to verify that it got to the intended recipient. Be polite and get straight to the point about their potential sponsorship of your campaign. If they are hesitant about the sponsorship, ask if there is anything that you can do to make the sponsorship more worth their time and money.