When you make a presentation to a group, whether at school or work, including a copy of your presentation and any handouts in a professional binder makes a favorable impression. Not only does the audience have the information to follow along with your presentation, but presenting the information in a well-organized manner helps your audience refer back to your presentation and easily find what they need. Take some time to think about what your audience needs and wants before putting your binder together, and your presentation will help you establish a professional and polished image.

Things You Will Need
  • Binders

  • Photocopier

  • Labels

Step 1.

Purchase binders to fit your presentation. Choose a binder with the least amount of bulk that will accommodate all the handouts and room to add additional materials, if necessary.

Step 2.

Create a cover for your presentation. Some brands of presentation binders include a template for designing a cover. If you don’t use a template, print a page that includes the title of the presentation, date and any other important information.

Step 3.

Add a label to the spine of the presentation, if appropriate. Include the title and date so that the audience can easily find the binder when it’s placed on a bookshelf.

Step 4.

Print high quality copies of your presentation. If you are printing from a PowerPoint presentation, either print the presentation in color, or adjust the presentation to print mode so it is easy to read.

Step 5.

Insert the presentation into the binder. If the audience will need to refer to the presentation regularly, put the pages into plastic sheet protectors to keep them looking nice.

Step 6.

Organize additional handouts in the binder. Use labeled dividers to make it easy to find information.

Step 7.

Add a table of contents page to the front of the binder. This is especially useful if the binder contains multiple handouts. If the audience has action items or assignments to complete after the presentation, include a page outlining those activities and where they can find the necessary materials in the binder.

Step 8.

Include a business card in the binder, if it has a pocket or slot to do so. Otherwise, print your contact information on a page and include the page in the binder.


Save paper and ink by printing your presentation with multiple slides on one page. If your slides are text or graphics heavy, make sure they are readable in the smaller format.