How to Write a Mini Report

by Bill Brown ; Updated September 26, 2017
Be concise in a mini-report.

A mini report is a highly condensed report or list that gives the reader essential information without a lot of elaboration. It can provide further resources should the reader wish to follow up or obtain more information. Be concise and use clear, crisp sentences for maximum efficiency.

Gather your information for your mini report in the form of a list. Get a resource or other piece of information that you can list for the reader, in case they need more details. If you are putting the mini report on the web, links are very helpful.

Write a brief summary of one to three sentences on what the report covers and what is in it so the reader knows right away if the report is relevant to them or if there will be useful things cited.

Format your report as a list or with bullet points. Each item or bullet point should cover one item, and include a link or follow up resource. Use a font that is large enough to read, and don't be afraid of white space on the page; it makes for a more attractive design.

Write a one or two sentence summary on each item. Keep the sentences to the point and unambiguous--watch out for tricky wording that may confuse the reader (such as dangling participles). The mini report should be easy to read and digest.

Place your resources or link for each item following the item or on the next line.

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