The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offers its forms and publications by U.S. Mail. After placing an order, it will take the IRS approximately one to two weeks to ship the desired forms and/or publications to you. Taxpayers are able to order up to 10 different forms and/or publications using the IRS' online order system. For each form ordered, requesting taxpayers will receive two copies and for each publication ordered, one copy will be sent. There is no fee for this service.

Step 1.

Access the IRS' "Forms and Publications By U.S. Mail" web page. This page explains how to order tax forms and/or publications and allows taxpayers to locate the forms and/or publications they wish to order.

Step 2.

Locate the forms and/or publications you would like to order by entering either the form/publication number or a relevant search term. For example, if you would like to order Form 1040 (which is the U.S. Individual Income Tax Return), enter either "1040" or "individual."

Step 3.

Check the box for the form or publication you wish to order that appears in the list of choices generated from your search. Once you have completed clicking the boxes that pertain to the desired forms and/or publications, click "Add To Cart".

Step 4.

Review the items in your shopping cart. At this stage, you have several options: You may continue to locate and select other tax forms and/or publications by clicking "Resume"; or you may remove certain items from your cart by clicking "Remove Items"; you may also empty your shopping cart entirely and start over by clicking "Empty Cart". If your shopping cart contains all of the forms and/or publications you desire and you have no further changes, click on "Checkout."

Step 5.

Complete and review your shipping information. Once you click "Continue" you will be sent to a web page that will confirm your order. The order confirmation contains a summary of the items you are ordering (including the quantity that will be sent) and also will confirm your shipping address. If the information is accurate, click "Confirm" to complete your order.


If you are unable to wait one to two weeks for the IRS to fulfill your order, consider using the IRS website to download the desired forms and/or publications. Many forms (including schedules) are fill-in PDF forms.


If you need to order more than ten tax forms and/or publications, you must place an order by telephone. To place an order, call 1-800-829-3676.