Creative packaging for your soap does not have to be expensive or elaborate. However, if you are selling or planning to sell your soap to the general public, it is important that your packaging conveys how unique your product truly is. The packaging is also the place where your potential consumer finds out about any special ingredients, scents or details that make your soap unique. The packaging should accurately reflect your brand; therefore, it is important to carefully select each element of the package. The packaging can allow your product to stand out from the crowd and help build your business.

Things You Will Need
  • Word processor or graphic design program

  • Printer

  • Sticker paper

  • Cellophane, fabric or small boxes

  • Twine or ribbon

Step 1.

Decide what material you would like to use to house the soap, such as cellophane, fabric or a small box.

Step 2.

Design your own label using a word processor. Include your company logo, ingredients and contact information. If you do not have a company logo, use a unique picture or image that reflects your business, such as a beloved family pet or local scenery.

Step 3.

Arrange the label to prominently display your logo or image. You may want to make a front and back label; the back label should have the ingredients and your contact information.

Step 4.

Print off onto an adhesive label.

Step 5.

Package your soap in your method of choice. If you decide to cellophane your soap, secure the plastic with your adhesive labels. If you use fabric as your packaging, secure it with the labels. If the fabric is too heavy, you can wrap it with twine or ribbon. Create a hang tag and simply adhere the labels to the hang tag. Place the tag around the twine or ribbon. If using the small box, adhere the labels on top of the box where the customer is most likely to see it. To add more personality to the box, use decorative stamps with bright ink.


You can also include information about your business on the front label, such as whether you use organic ingredients in your soap.