As a small-business leader, staying organized has everything to do with achieving the success you desire. Pendaflex file folders help you keep important papers, receipts and documentation in order so you can spend more time getting things done and less time looking for the piece of paper you need for an upcoming meeting. Many Pendaflex folders come with labels, but when they run out and you need new ones, you can make your own and stay on top of your organizational game without missing a beat.

Pendaflex Folders

Many different brands of file folders are on the market, but Pendaflex folders are popular and known for their quality. The company makes basic letter-size and legal-size file folders, hanging folders, accordion-style file folders, pocket folders and folders made out of transparent plastic. Pendaflex folders come in a variety of colors that help you color coordinate your files, or you can opt for plain folders and add color coordination by making your own file folder labels.

Pendaflex Template Options

There are many Pendaflex template options available to help you personalize your file folder labels. The standard file folder label size is 2/3 inches by 3 7/16 inches. Hanging file labels are sized differently and usually fold in half before being inserted into a clear plastic holder. Avery offers several downloadable templates you can use to customize color, font and text. For example, you could incorporate your logo or color-code labels for customers and employees to make them easy to spot in the filing cabinet.

Additional customization ideas include:

  • Different fonts for different subjects
  • Color-coded borders to indicate finances, client reports, employee reviews and more
  • Color-coded lines or dots to help text stand out
  • Small graphics next to text, such as dollar signs, cash registers, checklists or calendars
  • Event-specific backgrounds for employee retreats, community education seminars and customer appreciation

Paper Cutter Labels

If your small business is working with a budget crunch or you are too short on time to order Avery label paper, you are not out of luck. You can use any printer paper to create nearly free printable file-folder labels. Simply design the labels using Avery templates, print them and then use a paper cutter to cut them out. For hanging files, fold the label in half and insert it into the plastic tab carrier. For regular file folders, use a glue stick to attach the finished product to the folder. Bear in mind that labels you create with a paper cutter do not have rounded corners like those printed on specially sized label paper, but the labels still get the job done.

Craft stores, such as Hobby Lobby and Michaels, offer a variety of inexpensive craft papers in differing finishes. Those that are printer-compatible can be used to add branding flair to paper cutter Pendaflex labels. Avoid shiny or metallic papers but look for things like:

  • Holiday specific paper
  • Patterned paper
  • Textured paper
  • Paper with a handmade or wooden look
  • Neon paper
  • Paper with sticker backing

These specialized papers could help you create customer information folders for the holidays, employee appreciation folders or a jazzed up filing system to keep things fun around the office.

Ordering Pendaflex Labels

If your main purpose in making custom Pendaflex labels is more about customization or branding and less about budget restrictions, consider having someone create the labels for you. Graphic designers on shops such as Etsy and Fiverr can create specialized labels to meet your needs. Some of the labels are printed on nontraditional materials such as iridescent sticker paper and can even be printed in decorative fonts using shiny metallic ink.

Many graphic artists make use of design programs and equipment that are impractical for your small business to purchase (unless you are planning to go into the label making business yourself). Some of these tools of the trade include:

  • Design software
  • Specialized cutters such as Silhouette or Cricut
  • Fancy inks and printers
  • Embossing machines
  • Bulk specialized sticker paper
  • Handmade sticker paper