The Casio DR-T120 is a business calculator with a built-in printer that prints at up to 8 lines a second. Just like basic calculators, this model features basic functions, but also expands for more advanced uses.

Setting Up Printing

Attach the AC connection to the calculator and add four AA back-up batteries in the back of the calculator. The DR-T120 has a memory, but without the backup batteries, a power loss could lose all the data.

Flip up the black receipt paper compartment and insert a roll of thermal paper. The device prints using thermal heat, so standard receipt paper will fail to print. Casio recommends 58-mm thermal paper for this device.

Press the “Feed” button to expand the paper manually. As you type out math and numerals, the feed will automatically extend, but if you need extra space, just hold the button down.

Use the small switch on the top left to set the spacing between the numbers. There are three options for spacing.

Adjust the middle switch on the DR-T120 to set the line-break style between functions. You can use a light dotted, dark dotted or thick solid line.

Set the number of digits for the printout with the far right switch. The device features a maximum of 12 digits and a minimum of three digits.

Press the “Stamp” key to place the date on the printout. Press the “Time” key to set the time.

Setting the Time

Press “CA” and “Time” on the calculator.

Hold down the "%" key for two seconds to reset the clock.

Enter in keys for the time and date. Start with the four-digit time. For example, enter 11:45 as “1145.”

Follow with the date in numbers. May 5, 2013, would be “05052013.” September 28 would be “09282013.” The complete process for 11:45 on May 5, 2013, would read “114505052013.”

Press the “Time” button twice to save the time to the calculator. Check to make sure the time is correct by pressing “Time” again and printing it on the paper.