Operating a daycare center can be stressful, especially if you have funding needs and you're trying to figure out how you're going to get those funds. One way to do this is by obtaining grants from both the government and private organizations. If you need assistance with writing grant proposals, you can visit your local branch of the Small Business Administration or attend local business seminars which teach people the basics of grant writing.

Explain how the daycare center benefits your community. If your center has a target client base of low-income families who don't have relatives in your city who can look after their children while they work, mention that your center provides a safe haven that's affordable for these families, and as a result they are less stressed about child care needs.

Include the amount of funds your center will need. Discuss the costs of the building's mortgage per year, the salary of your staff, equipment and supplies such as foods, toys, books, a television and cribs. If the organization you're applying to requests a copy of your monthly budget, include this in your proposal.

Discuss specifically how the grant will be used. If you're planning to open a second location because your current location has become too crowded due to an increase in children receiving your services, mention that you'll use the funds to expand the center. Or if you want create more jobs in your community by hiring more staff workers at your three daycare centers, state this in the proposal.