As newspapers decrease in popularity, more people are turning to the internet to search for homes. Online home shopping is more convenient to the buyer, since he can compare the size, quality and price of different homes without driving around for hours. It's also convenient for sellers, who can reach people near and far simply by listing their homes on one website. Connect home buyers to sellers with your own home listing website.

Step 1.

Buy a Web hosting account. Choose a simple, unique domain name that indicates your website is a real estate listings website. For example, "" is a more suitable name than ""

Step 2.

Download real estate listing software (see Resources) to your computer. It's not feasible to upload and manage all the home listings for your website yourself, so this software will do the work for you. Some software is free, while some can cost as much as $150. Contact your Web host to make sure your website has all the requirements to run the software, though they are standard on most Web servers: an HTML server, PHP capabilities and a MySQL server. Upload the software to your website and install it.

Step 3.

Draw visitors to your website by linking to it in your email and forum signatures, and in the comments you leave on blogs. Make fliers featuring your Web address, and post them in places such as community centers and college campuses, where potential visitors are likely to go. Ask the property manager before posting a flier, to make sure it won't be considered spam and removed.


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