Microsoft offers certification for many of its applications, particularly Microsoft Office. When job applicants or freelancers claim they are certified in one or more of these applications, you can check online with Microsoft to verify that the certification is legitimate, valid and current.

Ask your interviewee or job applicant to create an access code. When someone achieves a Microsoft certification, Microsoft sends him an email with instructions on how to access the Microsoft member certification site. This email contains a unique transcript ID and includes instructions for going to Microsoft's member certification site and creating a unique access code that allows others to view the transcripts.

Read the applicant's resume. Some applicants include the information needed to access their Microsoft certification transcripts online. If not, simply ask your potential employee for his Microsoft transcript ID number and access code. Write this information down, as you will need it to access the Microsoft certification transcript.

Open your Web browser and go to the Microsoft certification site (link in Resources). Enter the ID number and access code. Click the "Log in" button.

View the candidate's Microsoft certification record. This shows the applications for which they have achieved certifications and the date of each award. It also lists exam dates, though not specific scores for each exam.

Print the transcript before leaving the page and logging out of the site.


When accessing certification information, ensure the name on the transcript exactly matches the name you are researching.

If you want to see the scores the applicant achieved for each exam, ask him to access the test provider's website and print out the exam scores.