How to Test WebEx

by Randall Blackburn - Updated August 21, 2018
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If you have never presented a WebEx Web conference before, the WebEx Test Drive provides 20 minutes of free access so that you can test and learn how to use the conferencing tool. If you have been invited to a WebEx meeting, you can test your system compatibility, as well as join a test meeting to check your browser and explore the WebEx conferencing tool.

Test Drive

Open the WebEx Test Drive tool in a Web browser (see Resources).

Type your first and last name, email address, company name and phone number in the corresponding fields.

Click the “Start Meeting” button to join the test meeting.

Experiment with the presentation components, annotation tools, sharing controls and other features to test and learn the application.

Test Meeting

Open the WebEx System Test Tool in a Web browser (see Resources). The tool tests your system to ensure compatibility with WebEx. If the test is successful, the page redirects to the "Join a Test Meeting" page. If the test is not successful, a notification message displays.

Type your name and email address in the corresponding fields, and then Click “join” to join the test meeting.

Explore the WebEx tool to test and learn the participant conferencing controls.


  • To join a valid meeting, click the link in the WebEx email invitation, type your name and email address, and then click “Join” to join the meeting.

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