WebEx offers a service that allows real-time document sharing and phone conferencing at the same time. Participants at various locations can easily come together for a conference. The host subscribes to the service, and sets up and controls the meeting. Attendees do not have to download special software to join the call and have the option of just listening to the audio portion, or of also accessing the Internet link to see presentation materials. Participants can listen to a WebEx conference in a variety of ways.

Things You Will Need
  • Cell phone or land line phone

  • Computer with microphone and speakers (to talk and listen via computer)

  • iPad with microphone and speakers

Receive an invitation to participate in a WebEx conference call. The invitation will contain an Internet link to join the online meeting and a phone number to join the audio portion. A participant can join the audio portion only.

Click on the Internet link provided. A pop-up screen gives the audio options of calling in by phone or by computer. If the host has set up a call-back feature, then this option will be reflected too. Skip this step if you do not want to access the online service and do not want to listen through a computer.

Call the phone number provided in the invitation and enter the access code and attendee ID to listen by phone. This information is repeated in the pop-up screen if you click on the Internet link for the conference. Use a land line phone or cell phone to make the call. An Internet phone, such as MagicJack, does not work with the WebEx service.

Select the option "Use Computer Headset" from the pop-up screen to listen on a computer with speakers and a microphone enabled. The microphone is only necessary if the participant will speak. Complete the on-line wizard to adjust the voice and sound volumes.

Download the WebEx application for an iPad and select the option for "Join Now" to listen to the WebEx meeting on this device. Enter the meeting number and attendee ID at the prompts.

Designate a call-back phone number on the pop-up screen and wait for the call if the host has set up and paid for the call-back option. If you are not accessing the meeting by computer, then provide the call-back phone number to the host in advance of the meeting and wait for the call.

Automatically connect and listen to the WebEx conference call. Mute the phone or microphone to silence unnecessary background noise. Participants that have joined the conference online can select their name from the list of attendees and press the mute button.


A participant can switch between listening devices and stay online by highlighting her name on the list of attendees, selecting the "audio" button and then confirming that she is leaving the audio conference. Use the phone number provided in the invitation to connect by phone.

Download the application available for the iPhone or iPod Touch to view the online portion of the conference.


Long-distance charges apply for each participant that uses a phone for the audio portion of the call unless the host has set up a toll-free call-in number, or provides the option to call the participants at a designated phone number.