How to Make a Positioning Map

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A positioning map is used in marketing to create a strategy for a new product or service. This type of mapping is subjective as it involves determining the perceived quality of products in relation to other similar products. Products and services are compared on their quality and price along a vertical and horizontal axis.

Draw a horizontal line across a piece of paper. Draw a vertical line through the center of the horizontal line to create four regions on the paper.

Write the phrase "Low Price" on the left edge of the horizontal line. Write the phrase "High Price" on the right edge of the horizontal line. Write the phrase "High Quality" at the top of the page directly over the vertical line. Write the phrase "Low Quality" at the bottom of the page directly under the vertical line.


Discuss the price and quality of each product on the list to determine where to place it on the map. Write the product name in the determined area.



  • Comparison of the location of products on the map will help identify areas where there are opportunities for new products to fill a gap.


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