Dymo Label software allows you to customize labels that will be printed using a Dymo Label printer. The software includes label templates, some of which include graphics. You can replace the default graphic with image files or clipart. Clipart is a digital drawing or picture that you can use to enhance presentations, documents or other products such as labels. You can download clipart or use clipart from other programs. Dymo Label also includes some clipart samples.

Step 1.

Double-click the icon for Dymo Label software or click "Start," "All Programs" and "Dymo Label."

Step 2.

Click the drop-down menu next to "Label Files" and select "Shipping with Graphic."

Step 3.

Double-click the graphic on the label that appears on the main screen.

Step 4.

Click "File" under "Select Graphics Source," then double-click on the folders in the file window that opens up to find the clipart file you want to use.

Step 5.

Double-click the file or click on the file once and click "Open."

Step 6.

Click "OK" to close the graphic settings bar.