Pleasure party companies are set up similarly to companies such as Avon and Mary Kay. It starts with an individual purchasing a sales kit from the pleasure company at wholesale price. This kit typically includes pleasure items such as lubricants, vibrators, costumes, sensual massage oils, etc. Once the kit is purchased, the individual sets up a “party” for customers to attend and purchase the products they like. Pleasure parties are typically upbeat and fun events, excellent for bachelorette parties, girls' nights out, or even couples parties.

Things You Will Need
  • Pleasure party kit

  • Promotional materials

  • Website or blog (optional)

Step 1.

Research your options when it comes to what company you want to sell for. There are several major pleasure companies to check out, including but not limited to Scarlet Girl, Passion Parties and Bliss Parties. Find out the prices for kits, what's included in the kit and the amount of commission (if any) taken from your sales.

Step 2.

Apply for financing if applicable and/or available. Some pleasure party companies offer start-up financing in addition to training on sales, presentation, etc. Training is not usually required but it may be desirable, especially if this is your first time starting such a business.

Step 3.

Order your pleasure party sales kit from the company of your choice. The initial purchased product is usually for sample use; your customers will simply fill out an order form which you send to the company. The company then ships your product directly to your customer.

Step 4.

Order promotional material such as business cards and name badges for yourself if necessary. Most items such as order forms and catalogs come in your sales kits but materials such as business cards may have additional fees or need to be ordered independently. Check with the company if you're not sure what your kit includes.

Step 5.

Select a date for your first pleasure party. Parties are typically the selling tool of choice when it comes to pleasure companies. Since you're just getting started, its a good idea to invite family members and close friends who you know would enjoy the party. Be sure to ask all attending individuals if they're interested in hosting one of your sales parties in the future.

Step 6.

Spread the word about your business; advertising is possible for virtually any budget size. Those who have some extra cash to begin with can consider taking out ads in newspapers. Websites or blogs are perfect advertising tools for individuals with any budget.