How to Show the Ink Status Window in an HP Deskjet F300 Series

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Users who print large documents or photos can deplete their printer's ink cartridges. HP provides a printer utility with its printer drivers and software to check ink levels and clean and align printer heads. The Snow Leopard operating system on Macs include built-in printer utilities for users to check ink levels for installed printers. The detected ink levels are visually displayed so you can see the proportion of ink left in each ink cartridge. After checking the ink status, you can better determine whether additional troubleshooting is needed or if any ink cartridge needs to be changed.

HP Solution Center (Windows)

Locate the HP Solution Center on a Windows computer by clicking the "Start" or Windows icon, select "All Programs" and then choose the HP folder to open a new window. Double-click the "HP Solution Center" utility application.

Click the "Settings" button and then click the "Printer Toolbox" button in the "HP Solution Center" window.

Click the "Device Services" tab and then click the "Estimated Ink Levels" button to display a visual of the ink levels for each cartridge.

Print Dialog Window (Windows)

Open any document in an application that can print, such as a letter in Microsoft Word.

Select "Print" under "File" in the top menu bar or under the Office button to launch the print dialog window. Check that the HP Deskjet F300 Series printer is selected next to "Printer."

Click the "Properties" button and then click the "Services" tab in the "Properties" window.

Click the "Service This Device" button represented by either an icon showing ink level bars or a wrench icon. Click the "Estimated Ink Levels" option to display ink levels for each cartridge as colored bars.

Printer Utility (Mac OS X)

Launch the "System Preferences" application by clicking the "System Preferences" icon from the dock or by selecting "System Preferences" under the Apple logo in the top menu bar.

Click the "Print & Fax" button to open the "Printers and Faxes" window. Select the HP Deskjet F300 printer from the list of installed printers and then click the "Options and Supplies" button.

Click the "Utility" tab and then select the Ink Level option to view the current estimated ink level for each cartridge.


  • Remember that the detected ink levels are estimated, as noted with the ink status display.