While they're less often used in the age of digital projectors, the overhead projector allows you to screen slides, transparencies and notes for an audience. You'll find many brands of overhead projector. Each offers around 4,000 lumens of light, giving you enough illumination and clarity to teach a classroom or give a business presentation, but not enough for an auditorium. Completing the overhead projector rental is not difficult, but you'll want to ensure you have a thorough understanding of the rental agreement to avoid confusion later.

Step 1.

Figure out where and when you need the projector. It may be possible to rent the projector for a half day rather than a whole day. Also determine whether you can pick up the projector from a company or if you'll need delivery. These machines weigh on average 14 pounds, so you won't want to carry it across town.

Step 2.

Find local projector rental companies using Projectionist's guide. Call these companies to determine the rates and availability of overhead projectors. Find out whether they offer a demo of the machine if you've never used one, or if you want to make sure you know how their brand works. Ask whether there is a fee for late return, what type of deposit you need to make and if they deliver.

Step 3.

Ensure the rental comes with ancillary supplies, such as a projector stand, cord and extension cord. Also find out what you need to do when you return the projector, such as clean it. Ask for a copy of the rental agreement to read over; make sure you fully understand this document.

Step 4.

Check with several local companies to compare rates and services.

Step 5.

Browse online overhead projector rentals from Rent.com, RentQuick and other sites to compare rates and terms.

Step 6.

Select the projection company that offers the best deal for the time you need. Then call to book the rental. Pay a deposit on your credit card to secure the rental.