How to buy wholesale fashion jewelry

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Jewelry is both an art and a public statement of one’s wealth. Jewelry is also an item that adheres to the prevailing codes of fashion. Preferences for types of jewelry change according to various editorial dictates as well as the availability of materials. If you are a member of the jewelry industry already or would like to enter the profession, you will need to buy items. Buying your jewelry wholesale can help you save money and get exactly what you want.

Read all you can about jewelry making and the materials used in creating items. Learn how to distinguish between various types of gold as well as the relative value of various gems and jewels. Study jewelry construction if you are not familiar with the process. Learn to distinguish between the types of clasps used, the various kinds of pearls and the value of different types of metal such as platinum and silver.

Obtain an FTIN. A federal Tax Identification Number is a number issued by the IRS to vendors. You can get one of your own by applying through the Internal Revenue website. A FTIN allows you to purchase jewelry items from many wholesalers. You may also need to register with the state where you live. Buying from wholesalers can save you lots of money over the cost of products in jewelry stores and at street fairs.

Buy from jewelry wholesalers. Wholesalers specialize in selling items to retailers. A wholesaler will often have a huge range of products available for sale at far less cost. The wholesaler may specialize in a specific item of jewelry such as bracelets or sell all types of jewelry including rings, necklaces and earrings. A cooperative wholesaler will have many attributes including free shipping, assistance in packaging items and the willingness to allow you to examine the item of jewelry close up. Look carefully at each item, noting the way it was made and the materials used. The maker may or may not be identified. If you are seeking out items from a specific jewelry artist there should be some form of verification that the artist made the piece, such as a certificate of authenticity.

Attend trade fairs. Jewelry trade fairs take place throughout the year in various cities across the globe. Attending a trade fair allows you to network with other jewelry sellers and helps you to identify jewelry trends. Networking can help you save money on finished pieces and find out what other sellers consider fashionable jewelry for the coming year.


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