When the toner bottle runs low on your Canon IR 2200, the print quality will decline on your final product. When your printer alerts you to a low toner condition, you need to replace the toner bottle as soon as possible to retain the print quality you depend on. Order toner bottles from Canon or purchase them from an office supply retailer and change it yourself for less than the cost of a technician visit.

Step 1.

Open the side panel of your IR 2200, just above the paper trays. Pull the panel cover down to access the toner bottle.

Step 2.

Grasp the end of the toner bottle and turn it toward the rear of the printer until it stops. Pull the toner bottle out of the inside of the printer.

Step 3.

Shake the new toner bottle back and forth a few times to distribute the toner in the bottle. Slide the bottle into the opening until it stops.

Step 4.

Grab the protective tape and pull it straight out of the printer. Turn the toner bottle toward the front of the printer until it stops. Close the cover, pressing in until it locks.