How to Get Grants to Build a Nursing Home

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The Baby Boomer generation is aging. According to a 2008 Census Bureau report, more than 70 million U.S. citizens are age 55 and older. Many of those people will be looking to spend their Golden Years at retirement homes which mimic resorts. Clearly, the demand for quality elder care will grow in years to come. Funding the construction of those nursing homes will be a challenge.

Find Grants

To get grants to build a nursing home, search subscription, database, and grantmaker association websites that maintain updated lists of current Requests for Proposals and information about available government and private foundation grants. See the Resources section for suggestions.

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Contact other nursing homes in your area. Foundations often fund several similar projects.

Call your local community foundation. A community foundation is a group of individual donors who do not want to go through the legal formalities and paperwork of starting a new foundation yet they are willing to give money to fund worthy projects. Most towns have community foundations and the grants are focused on local projects and residents.

Search State and Federal Government grant sites. The Department of Health and Human Services is responsible for 17% of federally funded programs, according to the Catalog for Federal Domestic Assistance. Seven out of fifteen types of assistance are grants, loans, and payments.

Write Proposals

Contact individual foundations and inquire about their specific proposal requirements. Contact information and actual requirements are often available at a foundation's website. Each foundation has different needs but the general proposal format tends to be similar.

Tailor the executive summary to a particular foundation but make sure the mission of your nursing home is clear and well-defined. Details about your organization and its financial history must be submitted as well. Support your points with data showing how many people will be served, who will benefit, and the overall project goals.

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Focus the narrative on the particular nursing home construction that you are proposing. Detail how it will be built, including sources of other funding and other organizations involved in the project, and why your nursing home facility is needed in this particular location or community. Include neighborhood data and use persuasive language.

Show all budgets, income statements, past spending, and contracts with other companies such as construction, landscaping, medical suppliers, and staffing companies.

Attach all objective information such as proof of nonprofit status, state nursing home licenses and registrations, lists of the board and staff, annual reports, and any other information requested by the foundation.

Submit Required Materials

Be sure that you meet all document requests. If anything is missing, your proposal will be rejected.

Follow through with a contact only after the closing date. Send a "thank you" note to the foundation director once you receive the grant.

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Complete all reporting requested by the foundation such as updating budgets and hosting site visits by the director. The more contact you maintain, the more likely you are to receive future grants.


  • Be specific and generous in your data. Granters need to be assured of the success of the nursing home you plan to build.