How to Sell Old Notes

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Old notes and other past correspondence have an immensely popular following in the world. Historians, literary buffs and people who are simply just curious about the past love to purchase old notes and letters as a wonderful glimpse into the past. If you are in possession of a cache of old notes, you may wish to sell them. Fortunately, there are many routes you can take if you are interested in selling your notes, and many ways to make sure they are made available to people who are interested in them.

Sell your notes in an online auction site such as eBay. Peruse through the site to see what sorts of prices other old notes are getting and try to make an estimate on what a reasonable purchase price would be before listing your item.

Sell your old notes on a craft-centric cite like A lot of people who work in the fine arts enjoy using old notes and letters to create art or collage. Etsy would be an excellent way to get your old notes to people who might be able to find a creative use for them.

Sell your notes on a local online community board such as Selling your letters this way makes it easy for you to target consumers who live in your area and may want to examine your old notes in person before purchasing them. This is also a good way to avoid shipping charges when selling your notes.

Bring your old notes to an antique or resale shop and see if they have any interest in them. Old letters are often bought by people interested in old correspondence to use as decor, in craft projects or merely to read and enjoy. Antique shops in your area might well be interested in buying your notes.

Call up libraries, archives and other historical institutions in your area and ask if they have any interest in purchasing these notes from you. If so, you can bring them in and negotiate as to what would be the most reasonable price.


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