How to Make Large Signs

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Signs are used to convey a special message, be it for something as simple as a garage sale or as dramatic as a billboard business advertisement. Signs display various pieces of information including prices for products, new store openings and directions to sales. Whatever the communication you want to publicize, you will still need to make the sign large enough for people to see it. A sign does not need to be expensive. One can be created inexpensively with just a few basic materials.

Use document-creating software, such as Microsoft Word, to create your wording for the sign. Type “SALE” as large as will fit on the foam board sign. Choose a font that is fun, eye catching and easy to read, like Georgia or Papyrus, and set the size to 500. This will put one or two letters on a page and make the letters large enough for people to read as they drive by.

Print the document on the cardstock paper in black and white or color ink. Printing the letters instead of stenciling them will save you time and will give the sign a more professional look.

Cut out each letter. You do not have to cut around the edges of each letter but just a square around it. For instance, on the S, don’t cut around every curve, just trim the edges of the paper so that the S sits center on the square of paper.

Tape the cardstock paper letters to the foam board. Secure each letter so it doesn't fly off in the wind. Also, keep the letters straight. Crooked letter placement will make the sign look amateurish.

Attach the metal lawn sign stand to the foam board. The metal legs go inside the foam and help stabilize the sign.

Add a paper arrow or print out more letters for the direction you want people to go. You can also add a business name, address, phone number or website so that people can get more information.

Place the sign in the lawn area you have designated. If you are putting the sign up in a public area, check with your local government to make sure that you do not need a sign permit to place it there.


  • Add other paper cutout shapes to make the sign more interesting. For instance, an ice cream shop can put ice cream scoop shapes on it, festival signs can have pictures of balloons and flower shops can place sunflower cutouts in empty spaces.

    This sign can be used for any type of message, not just a "SALE" sign. Foam boards are inexpensive, can be easily created and are useful when your sign message is constantly changing. They are also large enough to fit almost any type of message.


  • When foam board gets wet it does have a tendency to bend and curl, so take it inside if it rains.

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