Factories can be busy work areas that may have multiple stations in the manufacturing process. A well organized factory may designate certain areas for each task. Marking the floors with well defined paint lines can help make sense out the process and help production and worker satisfaction. Many companies sell equipment made for the purpose of making these types of lines but they can be done easily enough with a few items and a can of paint.

Things You Will Need
  • Floor cleaner

  • Measuring tape

  • Chalk line

  • Rolls of 2 inch wide masking tape

  • Cardboard

  • Marking paint

  • 4 inch paint roller with a smooth surface cover and a tray

  • Razor knife

Clean the floor and remove all dirt and grease from the surface to be marked.

Hold one end of the chalk line at the beginning of the location for the new painted factory line and have your helper take the other end to where the line will stop. Tighten this chalk line between you and both snap the taught line onto the surface of the floor, leaving a clear straight line. Move both ends of the line over 2 inches and snap again against the floor.

Mask off the lines with the tape on the outside edges of the chalk, leaving a 2-inch gap between each tape line for the paint line. Press the tape firmly into place along both chalk lines with the edge of the cardboard as you go.

Pour the paint into the paint tray and apply onto the bare factory floor along this tape template you have made. Use the paint roller and be sure to keep the paint off the floor on the outside of the tape. Let this dry according to instructions before applying a second or third coat.

Remove the masking tape when the paint lines have cured completely. Cut the tape out with the razor knife if the paint is sticking to it too much.


The paint will take longer to cure at low temperatures. Keep workers off the newly painted lines until the paint has cured completely. If you are only painting one coat, take the tape off before it dries to make the tape removal much easier.