How to Capture Email Addresses From Visitors to a Website

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A hefty email list is a key asset in gathering leads and generating new business. Email campaigns are relatively inexpensive and quick compared to other forms of business development. To capture email addresses from your website, use a website tool and offer an incentive for email signup.

Timed Widgets and Pop Ups

Timed widgets and scroll-triggered boxes are both effective tools to capture email addresses from website traffic. Install a widget that's timed to appear after the visitor has been on the website for at least 10 seconds. This gives the reader time to orient himself with the website content and format. Scroll-triggered popups that appear at the bottom of the screen are less intrusive than full-screen pop ups, but still grab the reader's attention.


Whatever widget or tool you use to capture email addresses, pair it with an incentive. To convince website visitors to part with their personal info, you should give them a reason to do so. Offer an initial discount on a purchase or an extra service for signing up. Offering a newsletter or podcast to email subscribers can also be effective. Some readers will also be willing to take a survey or test, or give feedback in exchange for their email addresses.


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