How to Make Money Recycling Used Tires

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Money can be made recycling used tires. The amount of money that you make, however, depends on how creative you are with what you do with the tires and the amount of money that you sell the tires for. If you are looking for a quick buck, you may decide to sell the tires to a tire retreading shop that will pay you for the used tires that you collect. However, if you want to put the time and effort into collecting tires and doing something with them for a side job, think crafty and make tire swings.

Make Money Recycling for Tire Retreading

Tire retreading pays per tire.
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Collect tire castoffs from gas stations, school bus garages or tire and auto dealer stores.

Look through a phone book under "Tire Retreading." Find places in your area that are open to purchasing the tires you have collected to retread.

Ask them how much they pay per tire and make a list of each organization’s prices as you speak with them. Compare their prices. You will want to sell your tires to the highest paying shop.

Ask the stores if they have any limits on how many tires you are allowed to bring in at a time or any other restrictions on the tires they will purchase. It will save you time and gas money up front asking these questions over the phone.

Build a positive relationship with the tire retread shops so that you can continue doing business with them. Prices may vary per tire and prices may differ from city to city.

Make Money Recycling Tires for Tire Swings

Tire swings can be sold to customers.
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Inspect the tires for safety. Newer tires may have areas where the wires poke out. If a tire has this problem, either fix it or don't use it for a swing. Tires need to be smooth for an effective tire swing.

Drill several small holes in the area of the tire that you will designate as the bottom of the swing. This will allow for water drainage after rainstorms.

Power wash the tire at a car wash with a scrubber and heavy-duty detergent. Power rinse it after washing it. Dry it with an old towel. Having it as clean as possible will help it become a better swing for little hands and knees.

Purchase wide, sturdy rope. You can offer to hang the rope swing for your customers. You will need to measure the height from the ground to the tree limb or other place your customer will be hanging the swing from and add two feet to leave room for the knots. A knot will need to be tied where the rope meets the swing and at the top of the branch, as well.

One-rope tire swings are just as fun as fancier ones.
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You can make a three-chain rope swing or an old-fashioned one-rope tire swing.

Sell your tire swings at craft fairs and flea markets, set up a website advertising tire swings, or advertise them in your local newspaper. Many people will purchase tire swings for their backyards and will even pay you extra to come and set them up for them.