How to Create Your Own Website to Make Money Free

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The Internet presents the modern entrepreneur with the prospect of marketing to anyone in the world who has access to a computer. However, in order to successfully make money online, you do need to have a professional and effective Internet presence that catches customers' attention and gives them what they are looking for. One way of doing this is by making product listings on third-party sites, but even when you do that, it is very helpful to have your own website to which you can refer customers. This conveys a sense of solidarity, and it increases chances of repeat business.

Find something to sell. Many people sell arts and crafts that they make themselves. If that is not your plan, and if you are operating on limited resources, it may not be plausible to buy large orders of stock from a manufacturer. In this case, a possible option could be to go through a drop shipping service, which will allow you to sell products that you do not yet own. Either way, get some idea of the kind of product that you want to sell.

Choose a free e-commerce Web hosting service. A number of such services exist, each with its particular advantages. Do not choose a service that requires you to display its banners and ads on your site. Choose one through which you can integrate your site and its listings with third-party product listing and payment processing services. If you have limited Web design abilities, make sure that the service you choose also has a fully functional Web design program that is easy to use.

Choose an effective subdomain name. (Most free e-commerce hosting services will not give you a domain.) Choose something memorable and pertinent to the products you are selling, as the subdomain name itself must be an effective marketing tool. Do not pick something that is difficult to spell or pronounce.

Design your website. Choose an attractive color scheme, and maintain it throughout the website. Bright color schemes generally work best. Only go with a dark color scheme if you are selling products that complement that kind of feeling, such as if you are selling Gothic-themed items, flashlights or Halloween costumes. Make your site look original, but keep the general design simple and clean.

Post products to your website. If you are selling items that you own, take multiple pictures of each and give a full description of each. Use abstract positive terms like "excellent" and "quality" as well as concrete measurements such as size and weight. Make these descriptions concise and appealing, and check them for grammatical errors. If your site is full of grammatical errors and misspellings, customers may not view you as a true professional.

Promote your website. Some no-cost ways of doing this are by posting links in social networking services and Internet communities. Another common option is pay-per-click advertising. Though it costs money, you can set the maximum monthly cost, and you only have to pay after your ads have proven effective.


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