Microsoft describes the Outlook Calendar as a "calendar and scheduling component that is fully integrated with e-mail, contacts, and other features," allowing the user to create appointments and events, organize meetings, view group schedules and perform other tasks. Outlook also features note-taking capabilities, a journal and web browsing and permits third parties to manage company and individual calendars from remote locations. Outlook can be configured and synced with an individual’s PDA or smartphone for on-the-go capabilities and calendar management. It is easy to add an event to Outlook calendar.

1. Locate Calendar Tab on Outlook

Open Outlook using a personal computer, PDA or smartphone device. Outlook opens up to display the mailbox, email application. One the left side of the screen locate the calendar tab to access the calendar application.

2. Open Personal Calendar Application

Click on the calendar tab to bring up the personal calendar application. The calendar will often show the current day of the week or week’s summary, listing all previous entries or appointments for an individual or multiple individuals within the company.

3. Select "New Items" from Drop Down Menu

Locate the home button at the top of the screen and select new items from the drop-down menu. An event regardless of the type is a new item and each new event has to be entered separately.

4. Create New Event Pop-Up Window

Select the all-day event tab if the event will occur during the entire day. Most events are going to have a start and end time. A new event pop-up window will be created.

5. Enter Subject and Location for the Event

Enter a subject heading for the event in the subject field. The subject is what displays in the summary view of the calendar after the event is created. A location for the event will also have to be provided.

6. Share the Event with Other Viewers

Click on the Options icon to indicate to other viewers of the calendar the status of the event. The status indicators are color coded and include Out of Office status, busy, free or the status is tentative.

7. Select Start and End Time

Select the start and end time of the event from the pull-down menu. If the event lasts for multiple days, indicate it with the start and end times and the event will show up across multiple days in the Day/Week/Month summary view of the calendar.

8. Save the Added Event in Outlook Calendar

Click the save button to save the added event and to close the browser window. The event should be displayed in the Day/Week/Month summary view of the calendar. If the calendar is located in a public folder, others will be able to view the event as soon as it is added as well.

9. Repeat for Each Event

Repeat above steps for each event. Non-related events have to be added to the calendar individually. Double-clicking on a date from the Day/Week/Month calendar view will access a shortcut to the add-on event pop-up window.