A thrift store likely won’t have a large budget for decorating, so use existing materials in the store to decorate the shop. This requires you to look past the physical merchandise, and focus on how it can help a family on a tight budget. That is what you should feature when using the merchandise as decoration. Use the merchandise to display what you have to offer and give the store a comfortable like-home feel.

Things You Will Need
  • Mannequin

  • Available merchandise

  • Floor table

  • Hammer and nails

Step 1.

Place a like-new dress on a mannequin atop the clothes racks. Set a pair of shoes and purse to the side. This will decorate the clothes rack and display nice women’s apparel at the same time.

Step 2.

Nail a mirror on the wall and place a floor table beneath it. Set a lamp and picture frame on the table. Create a seating area by including a chair or two.

Step 3.

Hang a set of curtains in the front window with a tie-back. The curtains on display will allow buyers to see them in use and create an inviting mood for passersby.

Step 4.

Display antique or unusual furniture, clothes or other objects in the front window. This will create interest for people to come into the store and check out great finds.

Step 5.

Use vases filled with flowers or beads and set them up around the shop, then drop an area rug on the floor in open spaces in the store.