EMS (Express Mail Service) is a type of international delivery service in which each participating country's postal service works with the other postal service for the delivery of international, as well as domestic, packages. Whether you are sending or receiving an international mail delivery, it's important to be able to track the package's progress so you can see if and when the package was shipped and anticipate its arrival.

Step 1.

Obtain your shipment number from the person or company shipping your package. In most cases, this will be automatically provided to you as part of your transaction and shipping receipt.

Step 2.

Go to the EMS English home page on your computer (see References).

Step 3.

Enter your shipment number, as well as the verification code, which is provided on the EMS page directly below the place where you enter your shipment number. A place is provided, on the upper-left-hand part of the EMS web page, to enter these items without having to click on the "Tracking" button first. Take note of where your package is. Shipping status may not be updated on a daily basis and your package may sit in customs for days before leaving the country of origin for your country.


Contact your shipper if the package still shows no progress after a week or two.

Shipping numbers can often be given incorrectly as a result of incorrect language translations. Most international shippers will work hard to provide good customer service and will find the correct shipping number if you were given an incorrect one.