There are three different types of GBC binding machines: comb bind, wire bind and velo bind. The comb bind is the least expensive of the three; it uses plastic combs that are also reusable. You may think binding your own presentations, books and calendars is difficult when you first see a GBC binding machine, however, they are simple to use. Comb binding offers a more professional look over projects that use heavy-duty staples.

Things You Will Need
  • Plastic comb

  • Project sheets

  • Card stock for front and back cover

Step 1.

Lay the sheets of paper from your project face up on the GBC machine. Push the side of the papers you want to punch into the slot and to the back. Keep a straight edge by aligning the edge of your papers to the left side of the machine, which, depending on your model, has a slightly raised edge or a small plastic guide that indicates the paper size.

Step 2.

Punch the holes into the paper. If you have a manual GBC machine there will be a handle to pull. If it’s electric just press the button. You should have made a nice clean row of skinny rectangular cut outs for your comb.

Step 3.

Repeat for the card stock back and front covers.

Step 4.

Place the plastic comb on top of the machine where you see the prongs. Gently pull the comb apart with the lever. Open the comb just enough to insert your pages.

Step 5.

Arrange your project with a back cover, inner pages and front cover and put inside the comb, lining up the comb’s prongs with the holes in your paper.

Step 6.

Push the lever back to close the prongs and remove your project.


Do not try to punch too many sheets at once or the punches will become skewed and not line up correctly with the comb.