How to Start a Party Promotion Company

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Starting a party promotion business can be profitable. After all, people are always looking for new and exciting parties to attend. Party promotion requires staying informed about the latest trends in the party circuit. Promoting parties takes a lot of research and marketing.

Find your niche. Decide what type of parties to promote. For example, you can promote nightclubs and bars or teenagers', kids', birthday or retirement parties. Research your local area to find out what the demand is for a particular type of party. If your location has mostly kids, then gear the party promotion business towards a young age group. If a large number of bars and nightclubs are located nearby, then consider marketing your services to people who frequent these establishments.

Talk to prospective clients. Inform them of your past experience with party promotion. Design and distribute informational brochures listing your capabilities, services and contact information. List current and previous references so that prospective clients can do character checks of your background. Buy necessary equipment, such as a computer, printer and stationery to conduct business. Apply for all business licenses and insurance.

Market your company. Tell family, friends and acquaintances about your party promotion business. Set up an account on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Myspace. Add friends in your targeted area. Advertise on the radio. Pass out fliers. Hire a street team to promote the business in parking lots, malls and other public areas. Contact your local government office to see if an additional license is required to pass out marketing materials in certain areas.

Construct an informative website. Include company information, services offered, prices and contact phone numbers. Set up a company email box to send and receive emails. Publish a newsletter to inform customers of upcoming events.