Starting a home-based laundry business can be profitable. After all, some people hate to do laundry or don't have the time. Home-based laundries perform delivery and pickup of clothes plus other services. In turn, the business owner usually washes clothes at their home or coin laundry before dropping them off. Starting a home-based laundry business requires little in start-up costs.

Step 1.

Decide where to work. Your options include doing laundry in your home, at public laundries, or in your client's homes. Working from home will mean more time management. Washing clothes from a client's house might exclude operating cost such as water, electricity and soap. Decide which scenario works best for you and your pocketbook.

Step 2.

Formulate a price list. Choose what services you will provide such as drop-off and pickup services, washing, drying and folding. Provide additional services to boost income by including ironing and folding services. If possible, check with local competitors for pricing. Factor in commuting costs, products and utility costs when setting prices.

Step 3.

Acquire all paperwork and business equipment. Sign up for your business license. Buy all the necessary supplies such as soap, irons and laundry bags. Get a business phone number and set up a voice mail for incoming calls.

Step 4.

Market your services. Spread the word to family members, friends, and acquaintances about your new business. Post fliers at community centers, hospital, civic organizations, grocery stores and spas. Consider a referral program. Advertise online for further exposure.