When a home is vacated after a foreclosure, the home needs to be cleaned out before it is put up for auction or sold through a Realtor. A cleaning business is hired to get the home ready for potential buyers. Getting a contract with a bank to perform foreclosure clean out services can add to regular cleaning business that a company receives. Foreclosure clean out services can be the sole cleaning service provided by a company.

Things You Will Need
  • Business license

  • Employer Identification Number

  • Liability insurance

Apply for a business license. Banks are large companies and will want to ensure you have your business set up before they contract with you for clean out services. Get your business license from your state and apply for an Employer Identification Number, EIN, from the Internal Revenue Service.

Purchase liability insurance. Check with the provider of your homeowners insurance to see if it offers general liability insurance for your business. Liability insurance protects you from having to pay for accidents or damage, which might occur while you are on the job. As an example, if you are cleaning out an old rundown home, and the floor gives out, you could be held responsible for that damage. If you have general business liability insurance you, most likely, will not have to pay for this.

Make marketing material. Banks will likely already have a contract with another clean out company, but with turbulent financial times foreclosures increase and the current contractor might not be able to keep up. Print a brochure and business cards that you can leave with potential clients when you visit them. Include a list of the services you offer and your contact information. If you have before and after photos of previous foreclosure clean out work you have done, consider adding those pictures to your brochure.

Visit bank foreclosure managers. When contacting bank managers and foreclosure managers it is essential to call ahead and make an appointment. Bring your brochures and business cards and be prepared to talk pricing options if the bank is ready to hire you. Consider offering to fill in on short notice, if there are no current clean out needs. Banks like to move fast on foreclosure homes to get them on the market and sold quickly: if you can get a clean out done when their current contractor is too busy, it is possible you will secure more work from the bank in the future.

Sign contract with the bank. You will need to show proof of your business license, tax ID and liability insurance before the bank will sign a contract to use you for services. Read the contract thoroughly and consider bringing the contract to your own lawyer before signing it.


It is difficult to secure a contract with a bank to clean out their foreclosure properties. Be patient and persistent in contacting the banks in your area.