How to Start a Business for Floor Buffing

by Heather Robson ; Updated September 26, 2017
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While a business in the cleaning industry may not offer a lot of glamor, it does have advantages. Cleaning services are always in demand. They can become very profitable. They also don’t require a lot of overtime to succeed. Buffing floors leaves them polished and shining, but it is a task that requires special equipment and some know-how. Because of that, many people and businesses would rather hire someone to buff their floors professionally than do it themselves. That makes a floor buffing business a good candidate for a successful cleaning business.

Invest in quality equipment that is durable, does a good job and is appropriate to the services you plan to offer. If you plan to service large commercial clients, you may be well-served by purchasing a larger buffer than if you plan to focus on residential clients.

Consider buying equipment that has a good warranty. Your floor buffing equipment will be necessary for you to earn your income, so you don’t want your equipment to be in and out of the shop all the time. You want the equipment to produce a result your customers will be happy with. If you are working with limited capital, research used floor buffing equipment. You may not be able to have the security of a warranty, but the initial savings might be enough to offset that.

In addition to purchasing a floor buffing machine, you will also need a vehicle that is capable of transporting your equipment and that has a good reliability record.

Practice with your floor buffing equipment. Make sure you know it backwards and forwards and that you know how to produce the best results with it. The time invested at the outset of your business will save you time on site later and can increase your profitability. It will also give you the certainty you need to offer your services with confidence.

Determine whether you need additional staff as you start up your business. You may find that an assistant or a second team to take on other accounts makes your business more efficient and enables you to earn more income. You may also find that you need someone in an administrative capacity to take appointments and keep records.

Keep your hiring to the minimum you need to function and deliver a satisfying result to customers. You can always hire and train more people as your business grows.

Some considerations to make when deciding whether or not to hire additional employees is whether or not you will need additional equipment and how much each additional employee will cost. At your current account rate, do you have enough work consistently to justify another employee? Are you reasonably confident that adding another employee will enable you to handle enough additional work to come out ahead?

Spend some time calling around to competitive floor-buffing businesses and ask for quotes based on the square footage or number of rooms to be buffed. This will give you a feel for standard pricing in your area. Once you’ve done some research on pricing, give some thought to your monthly expenses including the cost of your labor and the cost of labor for any employees you've started. Add in how much profit you hope to make and you will begin to for an idea of how to price your floor buffing services. It may be a good idea to discuss this matter with an accountant as well.

Register for the necessary businesses licenses. Often city, county, state, and federal governments will have some paperwork you need to file, depending on where you live. Call your city, county, and state governments to inquire about the required licenses you’ll need to conduct your business. Register a tax ID number with the federal government and get set up to pay payroll taxes if you plan to hire employees.

Decide which kind of customer you plan to offer your floor buffing services to. Will you target residential homes, commercial business or industrial clients. Target your marketing materials to those clients. Market your business through a variety of channels. Put your business into the local phone books. Create a post card mailer to send out on its own or as an insert with your local Value Mailer. Consider including a print ad or insert advertisement in your local newspaper. You may also want to produce a couple of radio spots. An online presence is useful, too, so consider having a website built to help market your floor buffing services. Remember, marketing is an investment. Without it you may always struggle for business.

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