How do I Find Commercial Buildings to Clean?

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You might decide that a career of running or managing a business is the right path for you. For example, you could find career satisfaction and fulfillment running a professional cleaning service. Cleaning services can market to both residential and business clients and to places like factories, schools and government offices. If you choose to market to business clients, then part of your success will depend on how successful you are at finding commercial buildings to clean.

Decide if you want to target a particular type of commercial business for your cleaning service. For example, you might decide that you only want to clean retail locations.

Figure out what area you want to serve. This will help you target clients. For example, you might serve only one city or an entire region of commercial buildings.

Get started by reaching out to people you already know. Friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, business associates, former employers and other professionals might be able to help you find buildings to clean or might even own one themselves.

Send postcards, brochures, sales letters and other marketing materials to your target market.

Follow up with potential leads by calling them. Try to talk with the business owner when you call. Commercial buildings routinely hire cleaning services, so it might just be a matter of offering a better price or better service.


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