The commercial cleaning industry provides opportunities to perform services for a variety of clients. Owners of medical facilities, car dealerships, office buildings and banks rely on commercial cleaning services to keep their businesses looking good and free of excessive debris that can cause germs. Banks are desirable cleaning accounts because in most cases there are fewer employees and a smaller area to maintain compared to other types of commercial businesses. Outsourcing has become a practice for banks that plan to reduce costs and these trends increases the opportunities for janitorial firms to procure more cleaning contracts.

Market your cleaning services to local banks. Distribute promotional materials such as flyers, brochures and postcards to banks in your market area. While mailing these items can save time, consider walk-in presentations to promote your commercial cleaning services. Your marketing material should highlight services that would increase the aesthetic appearances of the bank such as window cleaning, dust removal and floor care.

Make an appointment to speak with a bank’s branch manager. Small banks will typically give the branch manager decision-making authority. Approach smaller banks or credit unions that have fewer than five locations to obtain your first few appointments. Additionally, you should speak with the branch manager where your business bank account is maintained about cleaning services. These engagements will give you details of the general cleaning expectations for banks and increase your confidence to approach larger banks.

Sell your commercial cleaning services. Each appointment that you set up involves precious time that you and a bank manager have reserved to discuss commercial cleaning services. Your job will involve securing a contract for services needed by the bank. Emphasize your ability to deliver exceptional cleaning services that will be performed as scheduled.

Get your commercial cleaning contract signed. Ask for an opportunity to provide the desired services. The banker’s acceptance of your cleaning services should be documented. A contract that details all aspects of the services to be performed and the expected compensation will provide clarity for you and the bank.

Ask for referrals. In nearly every industry, managers are aware of subpar facilities. Ask your banker and others about bank lobbies that could use improvements. Visit these locations and speak with the branch manager about your cleaning services. Offer a trial service or special discount if necessary. Present your proposal to get a signed commercial cleaning contract.


In order to get a contract, you may have to make repeated attempts. Persistence will be the key to landing cleaning contracts.


You will need a clear criminal background, insurance and bonding to secure cleaning contracts at commercial banks.