Successful quantity surveying companies are able to manage contracts and minimize the cost of building projects for their clients in the financing and construction industries. From analyzing capital costs for funding requests to assessing ongoing operational costs, quantity surveyors are a critical link between contractors, financiers and construction companies. The best business ideas for quantity surveying increase your rate of pay and help maintain a steady workload that keeps your profits high.


Offer your quantity surveying services to banks that routinely finance construction projects. Banks are able to take larger risks when there have an intermediary agent monitoring the financial situation of construction projects. Construction companies will appreciate gaining access to additional funds that they may not be able to obtain without your services. The cost of your services can be built into the loan costs. Have the banks require construction companies to sign a legal agreement allowing you full access to financial records, construction sites and employees in order to ensure you can fulfill your oversight duties. Provide routine reports to the bank and to the construction company. When you provide outstanding service, the bank will use your services on more construction loans.

Trade Publications

Become a routine contributor to local trade publications that cater to the construction industry. Write informative articles on cost control techniques, monitoring services and hot topics in construction management. Provide useful information that is relevant and actionable. These articles will give you credibility and will increase your company profile. Consider offering your services for free to the trade publication in exchange for including your company contact information and an advertising blurb at the end of every article you submit. You will gain powerful exposure and the trade publication will gain content that will draw readers.

Training Class

Conduct training sessions for construction management employees. The extensive skills and education needed to be a quantity surveyor has taken you years of education and experience to acquire. Construction companies would love to have some of the skills you possess within their own company. Create one or two day classes that provide in-depth knowledge on specific quantity surveying topics. You can earn a good profit from these classes and as your students advance within the construction companies, they may call on you for future services.