Reusable water bottles are becoming more prevalent as consumers become more environmentally conscious. Start a small water bottle business to take advantage of the growing trend. If you are artistically inclined and have a passion for the environment this may be an ideal venture for you. Printing companies offer printing on water bottles. Take your designs from sketch pad to water bottle by locating an affordable quality printer. Market and sell your designs online through an interactive e-commerce website. Create limited editions of bottle designs to generate a long-term interest in your water bottles.

Things You Will Need
  • Business plan

  • Legal documents

  • Sketch pad

  • Pencil

  • Computer

  • Design program

  • Bottle supplier

  • Print company

  • Interactive e-commerce website

Step 1.

Research the water bottle market. Brainstorm ideas of how you can create a competitive company within this market. Write a detailed business plan based upon your research and ideas. Include a mission statement, market analysis, analysis of your competition, a marketing plan, and financial documents.

Step 2.

File the necessary legal and tax documents with your local, state, and federal authorities. Seek assistance from your local business association if you need help. They can direct you to a local attorney or accountant if you have specialized questions. Selling online may present unique tax and legal issues.

Step 3.

Draw several designs onto your sketch pad using a pencil. Choose five sketches to produce as your first products. Refine the five sketches that you selected into detailed drawings.

Step 4.

Open a design program on your computer. Use the various tools to create graphics and text in your design. Refer to your drawings, but feel free to change the design if you are inspired to go a different direction. Save the file to a portable storage device.

Step 5.

Locate an affordable, yet quality focused bottle supplier. Enter into an agreement so that you have a streamlined supply of bottles that will allow room for growth as the demand for your bottles increases.

Step 6.

Locate a print company that is capable of printing high quality graphics on your water bottles. Enter into an agreement with this company after having reviewed a sample of their work. Provide the company with the portable storage device that contains the first five deigns. Print the initial round of bottles.

Step 7.

Design an interactive e-commerce website. Work with a web designer to create a virtual storefront that will provide visitors with an interactive experience. Create a blog, forum, and easy methods to share the website content on social networks. Provide a secure site to order the water bottles from a variety of standard payment options.


Generate buzz by blogging regularly and maintaining several social networking pages for the business. Once your have an established following, facilitate a design contest and print a limited edition design from the winning design based on customer voting.


Protect your designs by ensuring that they are copyrighted.