The gift packing business can be a profitable venture as long as you know some general business tips and demonstrate skill in gift packing. You can start this business with very little capital investment in India--even from your home. The only requirement is your skill in the art of packing and the proper raw materials. If you want to set up a full office or commercial establishment, then you need to follow the rules laid out in the Government Regulations Act for small-scale industries.

Step 1.

Start with small projects. Create simple, yet decorative, silver and gold coin wraps and envelopes for your family, friends and neighbors.

Step 2.

Collect materials used for gift packing. Colorful pre-designed papers, colored tape, colorful ribbons, sallow tape, gum and scissors are the basic raw materials. Other materials depend on your creativity and choice of customer. Materials found in your home, such as pieces of clothes, can inspire artistic gift wrap creations.

Step 3.

Stay abreast of changing trends in the market and customer choice by joining hobby classes or reading magazines or newspapers.

Step 4.

Spread your business by word-of-mouth. Always be ready to meet your clients' expectations with a creative approach.