How to Start a Laundry Delivery Business

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Many people nowadays are busy with school, work and families and have little to no time to do their laundry. In addition, laundry is a task that some people prefer not to do at all, although it is necessary. Laundry delivery services eliminate the hassle of doing laundry by not only cleaning clothing, but delivering the finished loads. Starting a laundry business can be lucrative, but you will need to plan your venture thoroughly.

Determine whether your state requires you to obtain a commercial driver's license or special insurance for the vehicle you will use to pick up and deliver the laundry by contacting your state's Department of Motor Vehicles or Department of Public Safety.

Decide on what your target audience and niche will be for your laundry service--this will help you create more effective marketing campaigns. For example, you can start a service that only uses natural or organic cleaning products, target families that use cloth diapers and need them cleaned, or gear your laundry delivery service toward college students living on-campus.

Figure out how you will pick up the laundry--consider what is convenient to your target market. Options include distributing reusable laundry bags to customers, having them put their laundry on the front doorstep or placing a large, secure bin in a dorm if your service is for college students.

Purchase the cleaning agents you will need, including bleach, powder and liquid detergents and stain lifters from a wholesale supplier such as Amato Industries, Clean It Supply or Norton Supply. You can also buy laundry bags and baskets from these companies.

Buy a commercial-size washer and dryer. This will not only save you time but energy costs, especially if you will launder the clothes in your home. If you don't want to run the business in your home, you need to locate a reliable laundromat that is open most hours of the day to use.

Promote your laundry delivery business by placing fliers on college and university campuses (with permission), launching a promotional website or blog and placing coupons in complementary businesses such as dry cleaners and tailor shops.


  • It is a good idea to obtain liability business insurance, so that you'll be covered in the event you accidentally ruin a customer's clothing.