How to Promote a Craft Show

by Amma Marfo ; Updated September 26, 2017
Craft shows can inspire others.

When you’re holding an event it’s important to get the word out. To promote a craft show, it’s especially important that vendors sign on and buyers know when and where to come to make their purchases. Depending on the size of your craft show, you’ll want to explore all possible avenues to make the event a success, work within your means and try to get as much “free” help as you can.

Create an eye-catching flyer to advertise your show. The flyer should include the date, time and location of your show, as well as the number of vendors anticipated. Post the flyers around town at the grocery store, library or local college. Supply them to confirmed vendors to give out as a reminder to their clients.

Reach out to local craft shops that normally sell the raw materials for items buyers are interested in. Talk with merchants for local craft shops to include information about the event in their newsletter, allowing you to reach out to their customers.

Offer vendor discounts when they are willing to help advertise and give flyers to their customers leading up to the show date. Getting local craft shops and other vendors involved as much as possible can increase the success of the craft show when they help promote it. They can also make more money in the process.

Advertise around your city on billboards, newspapers, on the radio and on television. Consider using a portion of the show space for “supporters” and allow the newspaper, radio station or television station to set up a booth in exchange for free advertising when possible.

Use door prizes or other incentive items, such as discounts, in your advertising to give buyers a reason/reward for coming to your craft show. Consider offering an “early bird” discount on admission to buyers who show up the first day of the show to increase attendance or offer a discounted admission price for multi-day tickets.


  • Be sure to make a plan for advertising your show well in advance to get others involved and working toward the same end.


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