How to Start a Cell Phone Affiliate Site

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A cell phone affiliate site allows you to promote and "sell" cell phones and service plans without actually having to store physical inventory. You can either sign up as an affiliate directly with individual cell phone companies such as Verizon, AT&T or Cricket Wireless, or sign up with a cell phone retailer such as that gives you the ability to promote many different cell phone providers at once. Cell phone affiliates typically get compensated through a set commission or flat rate for each sale that occurs via a unique tracking link. Most cell phone affiliate programs require you to actually own a website before accepting you into their network.

Creating the Site

Buy a domain name and hosting for your cell phone affiliate site if you don't already have these in place. Think of a domain name that will indicate that your site is related to the cell phone or wireless technology industry. Look for a Web host that includes Fantastico or a similar control panel that gives you the ability to upload scripts and programs with one click. Purchase a basic $7 to $15 monthly hosting hosting service because this is all you will need for a cell phone affiliate website. Web hosting services include HostGator, GoDaddy and FatCow.

Upload a content management system (CMS) program to your website through your hosting control panel. Content management systems such as Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal make creating a website easy and intuitive for the end-user. Look for and install a premium theme or template on your site for your CMS. TemplateMonster, Woo Themes and ThemeForest all contain premium CMS themes that can be used for your cell phone affiliate site.

Modify the CMS theme through your administrative or control panel. Give your website a catchy name related to the cell phone industry and place this name in the header of your site. Modify color schemes and other page elements of your site to match your technology theme.

Start your website by adding content related to the cell phone and/or technology industry. Review trusted technology magazine websites such as and to find out the latest news in the technology and cell phone industries. Make a couple blog posts on your site or create separate pages devoted to the latest cell phone products, consumer deals within the industry or related news. Each program is different, but some cell phone affiliate programs may prefer affiliates who have sites related to the industry.

Becoming an Affiliate

Review the cell phone companies that offer affiliate programs and look at the commission structure of each if it is published. Decide which cell phone affiliate programs you would like to join. Cricket Wireless, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and all contain affiliate programs.

Fill out the cell phone affiliate program application or registration form with your name, website address and required details. Wait for an email response telling you that you've been accepted into the affiliate program.

Log in to your affiliate account and review the advertisements and affiliate tools available to help you promote the cell phone products. The affiliate program may give you links, banner ads and other promotional tools. Place the cell phone affiliate banner ads in appropriate advertising spaces on your website. Copy and paste the banner "code" into the HTML portion of your site. Otherwise, some CMS themes in Wordpress or Joomla may contain specific advertising placements where you will link to an banner advertisement image and place your cell phone affiliate link.

Create blog posts and other content on your site that explains the benefits of cell phones, service providers and/or the latest industry products. Discuss the "best" cell phone plans that are available to consumers. Include pictures of cell phones to make your site more appealing and attractive. Place your cell phone affiliate link throughout any content or blog posts you create to give your visitors a chance to click through to the cell phone company's site.

Extend the functionality of your cell phone affiliate site by uploading plug-ins or add-ons for the content management system. For example, Wordpress contains plug-ins at and Joomla offers extensions at Use photo slideshows to display cell phone images in a unique way. Use shopping cart plug-ins to turn your affiliate site into a store. Include your cell phone affiliate link throughout the site.