How to Make Money on Mobile Applications

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The development of mobile applications has become one of the largest industries of mobile technologies and thousands of applications exist for mobile users. In the Apple App Store alone there are more than 85,000 applications available to users, according to data released by Apple in September 2009. Making money with mobile applications is a smart idea for developers and entrepreneurs who want to cash in on the mobile technology industry.

Decide the type and platform for which you would like to develop a mobile application. Several of the major mobile application stores that help developers market applications and make money include Apple's App Store, the Nokia Ovi store, and the Android Market. The platform you decide -- either for Apple's iPhones, Nokia or Android devices -- dictates the steps you will need to take to develop an application and make money.

Register as a developer with one or more of the mobile application stores. These stores require developers to register and pay a fee in order to gain access to proprietary tools for developing mobile applications; the fee is usually also required to market and advertise your application in an app store. For example, Apple's Developer Program gives access to forums, instructional videos and other documents, and application testing resources.

Learn mobile application programming languages used to develop a mobile application. Programming languages include Qt, Java, Adobe Flash Lite, Python, Obective-C, and Apple's proprietary Xcode development language. Resources to learn these languages can be found on authoritative Web sites like W3Schools or in the developer resources which you gain access to after you join a developer program.

Construct and test the mobile application. Enlist help from another professional or skilled individual who knows how to use mobile app programming languages if you are lost. Skilled freelancers advertise on Internet forums and Web sites, like, if you would like to find a freelancer. Use all the free and paid resources available to you within the application developer program.

Decide on a pricing structure to make money with your mobile application. Some mobile applications charge a one-time fee for downloading via mobile application stores; prices usually range from $1 to $10. You can also choose whether to allow free initial downloads and charge monthly subscription fees, such as $3 to $4. Remember that the application store will probably take a portion of the revenues; the Apple App Store takes 30 percent of a developers' download and subscription fees obtained from consumers.

Submit your mobile application to the app store where you would like to make money. After your mobile application is accepted, consumers have access to the application and can begin downloading it to their devices, thus making you money.