Finding ways to communicate with and persuade web users aged 25-to-34 to buy your products or services starts with looking at their technology-based interests. This group is considered part of the Generation Y demographic, commonly referred to as Millennials, which consists of people born between 1980 and 2000. Millennials are far more digitally tuned in than previous generations, so keeping an eye on web-based trends is critical to staying on top of this market.

Mobile Advertising

Millennials rely on their Smartphones, with 74 percent of them owning the device, according to Neilsen. Taking advantage of this technology means putting text message advertising to work in your marketing efforts. In addition, make your website mobile specific so it looks inviting and is easy to navigate on a Smartphone. Think of ways to offer value to prospects and customers in this market, such as by providing a mobile application that solves a problem related to your products or services.

Social Media

Among all age groups, people aged 18-to-34 were the most active out of all Internet visitors to use social media in 2011, says a study by Nielsen. To engage this market via social media, use lots of visuals, such as putting videos on YouTube and adding photos to your blog and Facebook page. Set up a Pinterest page, the perfect spot to add photos of people using your product and to create relationships with this target market. Use your Pinterest page to appeal to women, in particular, who are five more times likely to use the site than men, according to Pew Internet.


This target market values truth in advertising. Millennials like honesty about the benefits and features of your products and services since they’re interested in ethical marketing. These consumers aren’t afraid to look at a different brand if a company’s ethics are questionable, so find ways to create open, honest messages about your company’s offerings. Social issues and the environment are also hot topics with Millennials, so position your product or service in a way that makes this market feel you’re helping them to help make the world a better place.

Online Shopping

Providing a seamless e-commerce solution is critical to keeping Millennials on your website long enough to make a purchase. This market also uses the Internet to conduct research about products, such as reviewing pricing and seller’s ratings, before heading to the store to buy. They also compare prices on Internet stores versus buying from a traditional shop. If you own a brick-and-mortar store, use your website to convince these shopper to come into your store by offering discounts and promotional coupons. Offer an e-commerce solution on your site so this target market can buy online when your store is closed.