How to Refill an Electric Stapler

An electric stapler can be a convenient piece of office equipment for businesses and schools--if you put in the suggested thickness of papers, an electric stapler should not jam as standard staplers often do. However, refilling an electric stapler is a bit different from a normal stapler as they usually hold a lot more staples--an electric stapler usually holds more than 5,000 staples.

Unplug the electric stapler from the outlet and place it on a level surface.

Unscrew the textured screw on the back of the stapler. If it isn't unscrewing easily, then use the screwdriver to unscrew it. The screw will not come out completely, as it is a set screw used to keep the staple containment area lid connected to the top of the stapler.


Lift up on the staple containment area lid on top of the stapler. Set the lid to the side.


Pull back on the spring-loaded sliding square shaft inside the stapler. Place a cartridge of staples made for your brand of electric stapler in front of the shaft, then release it.


Replace the top lid. Screw it into place. Plug the electric stapler back in.


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