The cosmetics industry is one that has been proven to be recession proof--even in a down economy, women want to look and feel their best. To set your boutique apart from other beauty suppliers, and to make the most profit, you should consider carrying designer cosmetics. To obtain wholesale designer cosmetics, you will need to follow a few guidelines.

Obtain a tax ID number from your state or employer identification number from the IRS. Without one of these, no designer cosmetics company will sell to you--wholesale discounts are only given to those who can prove they are in the business of retailing or reselling.

Make a list of the designer cosmetics you would like to carry, such as Tarte, Smashbox, Urban Decay, Lime Crime or Zoya. On your list, include the company's website address, email and phone number if available. A spreadsheet is helpful when it comes to organizing your list.

Look through the companies on your list and determine which brands will fit in with your clientele--if the brands don't match up, not only will you be less likely to sell anything, but the brands themselves will be hesitant to let you retail their cosmetics. Example: if your target market is middle-aged women, you should try to sell Smashbox cosmetics as opposed to Lime Crime, since Lime Crime is not geared toward middle-aged women.

Visit the websites of the brands that would work well with your boutique, and send them a wholesale inquiry. Each brand has a section for retailers and wholesale information. If there is not a separate page for retailers, look on their contact page for their wholesale distribution email address.

Completely fill out the inquiry forms on the brand websites, especially when asked for your tax ID number or EIN. Incomplete forms are typically deleted. If you have to send an email, include your tax ID or EIN, contact information, and let the company know why you feel its brand will sell well in your boutique.

Be prepared to send the brands photos of your boutique, or a website link if your store is online. Also, you will be required to meet wholesale minimums, which typically range from $150 to $500 per order not including shipping.