How to Get Sneaker Accounts

by Si Kingston; Updated September 26, 2017

Sneaker accounts are essential to a tennis shoe resale business. Sneaker accounts, also known as retail accounts, are given to retailers by shoe manufacturers. Based on the type of sneaker account you have, you're provided with a certain amount of inventory and allowed to sell specific shoe products. Nike, considered by some to be the "Holy Grail of Sneakers," doesn't just allow anyone to sell their sneakers, and even those allowed to sell their sneakers are often restricted to the type of sneakers they can sell.

Step 1

Take photos of your store. Shoe manufacturers carefully review retailers that sell their product and many of them will not allow their product in stores that they deem aren't up to their specifications or in line with their product image. Take photos of the outside, or store face, plus several of the inside of the store. Make sure that the photos adequately show how the store is configured, decorated and the types of products for sale. Online retailers should take screen shots of their Web site.

Step 2

Obtain an application to become a retailer for a specific shoe manufacturer. Nike, for instance, has retailer applications available on their website. For other manufacturers, call their corporate headquarters and request an application for a retailer account from a sales representative.

Step 3

Complete the business profile, summarizing the basic information about your business setup. Many retailer applications require that you enter the business name, the location of the business, the type of business, the current suppliers of your business, the number of years you've been in business, your annual revenue and all information about the owner such as the owner's full name, Social Security number, driver's license number and contact information.

Step 4

Enter any financial information. The Nike USA Retailer Application, for instance, requires that you enter a bank and trade reference. You must include the name of the bank, a contact at the bank and her number, your bank account number and the total credit line you have with the bank. The manufacturer will verify your financial standing with the bank representative.

Step 5

Read over any terms and conditions. Make sure that you understand any restrictions, liabilities and remedies offered by the company when it comes to selling their product.

Step 6

Complete the sales tax and resale certificate application. Both are usually included in the retailer application. You must enter the state the business is located, the seller permit number as provided by the state and the business type.

Step 7

Sign and date the application and submit it to the manufacturer by mail or fax. The manufacturer could take several weeks to process the application. If approved, a representative will contact you to open the sneaker account. Based on your application, you may be approved to sell only certain sneaker products and will be required to order a specific amount.

Step 8

Read and sign any contracts required to open the sneaker account once the application is approved. The sales representative will go over the details of the contract with you. Contracts specify a large array of business details including how to display the product, how much product you must purchase and how much you must sell the product for.

Step 9

Complete the order based on the requirements of your sneaker account (e.g., type and amount). Send a check to pay for the order. The representative will then send all necessary marketing materials and products to you.

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