Who doesn't love LEGO? If you've always dreamed of making a living surrounded by LEGO bricks and toys, you do have a few ways to do this. Owning your own LEGO store, unfortunately, isn't an option — at least for the foreseeable future. However, you can run your own store or buy a franchise that's dedicated to this beloved and famous brand.

Why It's Hard to Play With LEGO

LEGO runs its own retail stores all across the world, including over 100 LEGO stores that are well placed throughout the United States. If you go to any major chain store with a toy department, you'll see LEGO on its shelves, prominently displayed. With this kind of presence, it may be disappointing, but it shouldn't come as a surprise that LEGO doesn't offer franchises. They simply don't need to do so.

Getting a wholesale account is possible for a small-business owner, but don't count on it being an easy process. You can call LEGO or send them an email inquiring about a wholesale account, but unless you already own an established brick-and-mortar store or you want to start with an order for several thousands of dollars, you may find that the company isn't in a rush to talk to you.

Selling LEGO Without a Wholesale Account

There is nothing to stop you from buying LEGO products at retail prices, marking them up and selling them. This can be a difficult way to make a profit, however, unless you have a store in an area where LEGO is hard to find, and people are willing to pay a little extra.

Another option is to buy used LEGO toys from consumers and then resell them. While some people would never dream of selling their LEGO toys, others are quite happy to cash in on them so they can buy and build something new. Selling rare LEGO sets that have been discontinued can be an exceptionally good way to make money if you can find them at good prices and in good condition.

An Alternative LEGO Franchise Opportunity

Although LEGO doesn't offer franchises in the U.S., that doesn't mean you can't sell LEGO while getting the business support and brand recognition provided by a franchise. Bricks & Minifigs is a chain of stores that buys and sells LEGO bricks and toys, both new and used, with franchises across the U.S.

To open a Bricks & Minifigs franchise, you should count on an initial investment of between $108,500 and $276,400. This includes the initial $25,000 franchise fee plus:

  • Computers and point-of-purchase systems
  • Furniture, fixtures and equipment
  • Store property improvements
  • Signage
  • Grand opening advertising costs

You will need a net worth of at least $175,000 before you will be approved. Your initial franchise fee includes a five-day training program at the corporate headquarters and up to three days at your store as well as a webpage and an operations manual. Bricks & Minifigs revenue for its stores isn't made public, but you should expect your revenue to depend on the size of your store and the size of your market.

Start Your Online Affiliate LEGO Store: Open 24/7

If you have a website, you can apply to LEGO's affiliate program. You won't be able to sell LEGO directly from your website because the company reserves that right for its own website at LEGO.com. However, you can promote LEGO products, and when someone sees something he likes on your website, you will receive a commission if he buys it from the LEGO website.

Once approved, LEGO will provide you with official banners, text and unique product links to post on your website, directing buyers to the LEGO website. The company will also give you sales tracking and reporting tools as well as exclusive product and promotion updates in its affiliate newsletter. LEGO processes all sales at the end of each month and assures its affiliates that they will be paid promptly.